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All About Cars

Broncomonium at SEMA 2022

Nov 10, 2022, 09:53 AM by Ken Appell

The aftermarket and Ford enthusiast market is going absolutely bananas over the new Ford Bronco. This year at SEMA, that passion has been matched with numerous builds of new and old Ford Broncos. It was truly “Broncomonium” (I'm making that a word) with new aftermarket modifications debuting for new Broncos, and lots of traditional builds showcasing older Broncos. 

My first stop was the Central Hall and the halls that surround it. Mainly because our Carlisle Events booth was located with our friends in the ARMO area. New Broncos greeted guests as they entered the first part of the Central Hall with loads of new accessories. Look for those accessories to be launched at your local auto parts stores in Q1 of 2023.
(see the full gallery at the end of the article)

I saw tons of Ford Trucks all throughout the event. A super popular area to spot Truck and SUV builds has been the all-new West Hall at the SEMA Show (I call it the Truck Hall). Broncos staked their claim to this hall dominating not only the aftermarket "bolt-on" parts but also some serious off-road accessories that will make all Bronco fans' mouths water. 
(see the full gallery at the end of the article)

Walking between the halls I spotted some killer builds as well. Most of these builds showcased the offroad potential of the new Bronco, and I also saw a few older Broncos.

Not to be forgotten, and a can’t miss feature in recent years of the SEMA Show, has been the Dub Lifted and Leveled showcase outside the South Hall. These builds typically showcase the "wild side" of the modification world, and they certainly lived up to my expectations.

SEMA Ignited (The SEMA Show post-trade-show public event) was rocking and blasting into the night on Friday, which led me to a few more builds in the TIS Offroad area. These Broncos are certainly at the customization forefront, and really take things to an entirely new level for Bronco enthusiasts the world over.

Check out the full gallery in full resolution on Flickr!

Broncomonium at SEMA 2022 - Flickr

All in all, the SEMA Show each year showcases the latest and greatest trends of the automotive industry. Not only was the Ford Bronco and its aftermarket trending all over the show but it’s definitely ushering in an entirely new vibe in the Ford market. I can’t wait to see what June brings for the Bronco enthusiasts at the Carlisle Ford Nationals happening June 2-4 at the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds.

Ken Appell has been an employee of Carlisle Events and event manager of the Carlisle Ford Nationals since 2012.

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