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Press Releases

  • CE_GM_NPDShowfield_AW-2023_069

    Two Showcase Displays Announced for the 2024 Carlisle GM Nationals Car Show

    Friday, Mar 15, 2024

    There’s a level of diversity that’s on display at the annual Carlisle GM Nationals car show.  In fact, with a multitude of na

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  • CE_FN_NPDShowfield_AW-2023_023

    A Quartet of 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals Themes Announced

    Friday, Mar 15, 2024

    There is no doubt that the car show fun at Carlisle transcends generations.  Most times, that phrase applies to the people who pass through th

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  • Ray-Highlands---Lions-Club

    Support the Vision Initiative of Area Lions Clubs at Carlisle in 2024

    Friday, Mar 8, 2024

    In less than one month the 50th anniversary season of Carlisle Events kick-starts a summer of automotive fun at the

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  • 1953-chevrolet-corvette (1)

    Carlisle Auctions Offers One of the FIRST 100 Corvettes EVER Made at its Spring Auction

    Friday, Mar 1, 2024

    50 years ago in 1974, Carlisle Events, the parent company of Carlisle Auctions was born, but 21 years prior, the Corvette took Ame

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  • Virginia Giant

    2024 Carlisle Truck Nationals Welcome Metal-Crushing Monster Trucks

    Wednesday, Feb 14, 2024

    Family fun abounds at the 2024 Carlisle Truck Nationals and this year, the fun is taken to an all-new level with the addition of <

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