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Press Releases

  • CE_FN_Showfield_AW-2018_139

    2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals Announces a Plethora of NEW Additions

    Tuesday, May 7, 2024

    Generally speaking, more than a year’s worth of planning goes into the annual Carlisle Ford Nationals car show.  With over 3,200 show cars on

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  • BrewMixerLogo

    Round 2 – Second Annual Carlisle Brew Mixer Planned for Saturday, May 11

    Tuesday, Apr 30, 2024

    One of the best parts of the annual Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals car show is its diverse mix of show cars on the Sh

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  • SaxtyModded

    Three Special Guests Just Announced for the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

    Wednesday, Apr 24, 2024

    What draws guests to Carlisle each May for the annual Import & Performance Nationals car show?  Could it

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  • CE_SC_AutomotiveFleaMarket_AW-2024_111

    Spring Carlisle 2024 Puts Smiles on the Faces of Thousands – Ignites an Epic 50th Celebration

    Tuesday, Apr 23, 2024

    You only turn 50 once, and for Carlisle Events, that 50th anniversary celebration kicked off in spectacular fashion with S

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  • 63 Concept

    1963 Mustang II Concept Car Confirmed for the 2024 Carlisle Ford Nationals

    Wednesday, Apr 3, 2024

    The Mustang is considered one of the most iconic Muscle Cars of all time, and annually at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, thousands o

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