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All About Cars

All About Cars

  • NewThumbBuild

    Kat Redner is on the Fast Track to Success

    Thursday, Apr 8, 2021

    Seldom do we have the opportunity to meet an individual who, upon spending time with them, leaves an indelible impression. Rarer too, is that person w
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  • 1975-0010

    Carlisle Events Original Vendor Spotlight: 47 Years of Family and Growth

    Tuesday, Apr 6, 2021

    All vendors, past and present, are treasured Carlisle Events family members; and all have played a huge part in the 47-year history of the event co

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  • CE_TN_BY-SYTYs_AW-2018_001

    History of Syclones and Typhoons

    Tuesday, Mar 30, 2021

    If you are a devout truck enthusiast or even a casual fan, you find something special in the genre. To those of us who are “truck people,” every tr

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  • HVA

    The MOPAR Culture 1971: The People … The Stars … The Cars

    Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021

    Celebrating its 84th birthday in 2021, MOPAR® now encompasses the portion of Stellantis brands (the parent company) that

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  • CE_GM_Showfield_AW-2020_129

    Chevrolet Camaro: Six Generations of Sportiness and Speed

    Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021

    Americans clamored for a muscular, powerful, sporty car for the street and for tire-smoking bragging rights in the early 1960s, and Ford answered t

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  • Ford National Images_2

    The Ford Club Scene: Going Full Throttle at "The Superbowl of Ford Events"

    Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021

    Car clubs have been organized and filled with enthusiasts since the early days of the automobile. Many point to the Paris-based, Automobile Club de

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  • CE_FC_AutomotiveFleaMarket_AW-2019_243

    Making a Deal at Swap Meets: Be Prepared and Have Fun

    Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021

    Auto swap meets and flea markets are great places to find that part you need for your project, that special item for your collection, or that car that
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  • CE_GM_Showfield_AW-2019_175

    GM Brand Rivalry: Badge Enthusiasts Divide the General’s Family at Events

    Tuesday, Feb 16, 2021

    The General Motors family is just that…a family. Once, the manufacturer of such different, since discontinued car badges as LaSalle, McLaughlin, Oakla
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  • 2021 Ford Broncos

    Ford Bronco: Its History Secure, the First SUV is Back for 2021 with ‘Goes Over Any Terrain’ Performance

    Tuesday, Feb 9, 2021

    Ford began its off-road SUV experience in World War II, when they built GP (General Purpose) vehicles for Allied forces, and gained further GP expe

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  • Drifting

    Drifting: Car Sliding While Putting on a Show…Performance and Style

    Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021

    Drifting – the art of car sliding in competition, may be the fastest-growing motorsport. Made popular in America by such drifting-focused films as

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  • IMG_3130

    Tips for Parts Shopping at Swap Meets: Have fun and be Prepared

    Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

    Since automotive swap meets began in the late 1940s or early ’50s, they have been a treasure chest of items for collectors, enthusiasts, project bu

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  • Smokey and The Bandit_1977 TransAm

    GM Cars on Film: These Movie Stars Had Four Wheels

    Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

    Do you go to movies for the action? The special effects? The acting? The plot and characters? Certain actors and actresses? Those are all good reasons
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  • 2. 1971 Ford Pinto__Open Hatch

    Ford Pinto 50 years later: Love it or Hate it, the Subcompact was Popular and Made an Impact

    Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021

    Playing on the equine theme that starred Mustang (possibly named after the P-51 Mustang fighter plane) and included Bronco and Maverick, Ford launc

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  • 1. 2018 Nissan GT-R

    Most Popular Race Prepared Vehicles: Taking it to the Street

    Tuesday, Jan 5, 2021

    For many of us, our vehicles are for daily driving, for providing function and style, for driving occasionally or for collecting and showing off. B

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  • Carlisle Fairgrounds Swap Crowd

    Who Shops Collector Swaps: Carlisle Events Audience is family

    Tuesday, Dec 29, 2020

    Car enthusiasts fuel the nation’s auto shows, auctions and automotive swap meets. Fueling the universal set of car enthusiasts are collectors with

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  • 1971-Chevrolet-Vega

    A Look Back at the Vega Platform H: 50 Years Later, Praise Outdistances Disfavor

    Tuesday, Dec 22, 2020

    For model-year 1971, Chevrolet launched the Vega H-Body to compete with Ford, AMC and econo-imports, and it was greeted with enthusiasm from the au

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  • 1. Bullitt 1968 Ford Mustang GT390

    Ford Movie Cars: Blue Oval Stars of the Silver Screen

    Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020

    While cars have appeared in movies since the 1920s, cool rides and powerful ponies have been action stars since Steve McQueen raced the hills of Sa

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  • Bugatti Chiron_2

    Top Cars Around the World: International Royalty in style, Power and Performance

    Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020

    Every year, it seems that there are a few supercars that stand out from the crowd in styling, horsepower, performance and handling. What makes a ca

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  • CE_SC_AutomotiveFleaMarket_AW-2019_029

    Automotive Swap Meets: Finding Treasure at Reasonable Prices

    Tuesday, Dec 1, 2020

    Whether you call it a flea market, swap meet, bazaar, antique mall, antique show, vintage show, or vintage market, an automotive-themed gathering o

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  • 2020 Honda CR-V_Front_right

    2020 Honda CR-V: Refreshed Compact Crossover Adds safety Suite and Eliminates Engine Choice

    Tuesday, Nov 24, 2020

    Currently America’s second-best-selling Crossover/SUV in 2020, the Honda CR-V, which debuted in 1995 as a “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle,” or CR-V,

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