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Press Releases

  • CE_GM_Showfield_AW-2021_418

    The Official Start of Summer Can’t Happen Without the Carlisle GM Nationals

    Friday, Mar 18, 2022

    The first day of summer, according to every calendar created for 2022, is June 21.  While that might officially usher in three months of short

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  • CE_SC_ArmoTent_AW-2021_017

    Experience Elements of the SEMA Show in Person April 20-24 with Products, Parts, and More

    Thursday, Mar 17, 2022

    Spring Carlisle presented by eBay Motors comes to the Carlisle PA Fairgrounds April 20-24 and while the event is

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  • Citroën-2CV

    Unique Road Trip Brings Rare Citroën to Carlisle for the Import & Performance Nationals

    Friday, Mar 11, 2022

    Recently we shared how the unique and rare find their way to Carlisle each May for the Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals

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  • Import-Showfield

    Annual Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals Brings International Excellence to Carlisle in May

    Tuesday, Mar 8, 2022

    One of the best parts about a day out with friends and family is experiencing something, new, fun, or maybe even unique.  That mindset holds t

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  • Carlisle Auctions

    Carlisle Auctions Opens 2022 Season with High-Dollar Results and Aides Charity

    Thursday, Mar 3, 2022

    2022 isn’t just a new year by calendar standards, it’s a new auction season for Carlisle Auctions too.  Following a high-dema

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