How Low Does Your Ride Go?

With the lowest limbo, we’re taking a cue from the Caribbean on how we will determine the lowest car or truck at the show.

Instead of measuring from the driver door or the roof, we figure the best way to see who is lowest is to make them limbo. We will have a vehicle limbo bar set-up in multiple increments. Each car or truck must make their way under the bar without smoking tires and without knocking the limbo bar over. The last vehicle not to knock off the limbo bar wins!

Pre-registration is required at Guest Services. A show sticker (i.e. registered for vending or showfield), driver’s license and proof of insurance are required. The activity takes place Saturday.

Congratulations to our 2018 low car limbo top 3.

1 - Brian Benson‐ 1986 X19 Fiat
2 - Colin Eberly‐ 1990 Mazda Miata
3 - Vincent Gallo‐ 1981 Spider 124


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